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​​Found an sick, injured or orphaned animal? These links will help you connect with a licensed rehabilitator or other wildlife resources near you. Rehabilitators are often busy caring for their patients so please leave a message and wait for a call back. It’s important to call quickly. Waiting even a short time greatly decreases a sick or injured animal’s chance of survival. Never give the animal anything to eat or drink and please follow the expert’s advice closely. After providing the necessary care for the animal, most rehabilitators will release it near where it was found. So, if you rescue a animal, you might get to enjoy its release back to the wild!​

Northern Virginia

In Northern Virginia, call Wildlife Veterinary Care at 540-664-9494 ( or Blue Ridge Wildlife Center at 540-837-9000 ( 

For help with wildlife throughout Virginia, call the Department of Wildlife Resources at 855-571-9003 or go to their website to look up a rehabilitator close to home


Call Second Chance Wildlife Center at 301-926-WILD (9453) (

Call Owl Moon Raptor Center at 301-353-8947 (  [hawks, owls, falcons, eagles, osprey, vultures]

For help with wildlife throughout Maryland, go to or call the Department of Natural Resources (DNR) at 877-463-6497

Washington DC

In Washington DC, call City Wildlife at 202-882-1000 (

Regional Help

In all three areas, you can call the Wildlife Rescue League at 703-440-0800 to be connected with a local rehabilitator (

Rescuing a Bird of Prey

For information on how to safely handle an injured raptor like this owl, go to