Find information on Barn Owl, Barred Owl, Screech Owl, and Kestrel nest boxes and learn how you can participate in the Virginia Master Naturalist Barn Owl and American Kestrel Nest Box Project.

It's always a thrill to watch a red-tailed hawk soar beneath a bright blue sky or hear a barred owl call on a cold, clear night. Have you ever wondered about where they live, what they eat or how they raise their young? We  invite you into the personal lives of these magnificent birds of prey. You'll learn to identify our native species, how their presence provides a valuable contribution to the health of our environment and what we can do to provide for their welfare in the face of changing climate and habitat loss.

Read about our wonderful falconry birds and learn their story.


(Big Red)

Little Red

Read about the hawks, falcons, eagles and owls that call Northern Virginia home.

Secret Garden Birds

Read about our wildlife education programs. They can be tailored for your audience or talk to us about planning one specifically for you.



Read about the Eagle Who Didn't Like Fish, the Owl Who Thought She Was a Person and more...

Aoife (Ee-fah)

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